• $100/month (initial payment of $300 for first 3 months) OR
  • $300/quarter OR
  • $1000 annual fee (representing a 17% prepaid discount)
Please make checks payable to Gallup Communications

We help you fulfill the requirements for the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ("CFDCPA") for Out of State Agencies:

12-14-123. Duties of collection agencies.

  • (b) Maintain, at all times, an office within this state which is open to the public during normal business hours and which is staffed by at least one full-time employee, said office to keep a record of all moneys collected and remitted by such agency for residents of Colorado;

For the complete Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practice Act and Related Laws click here

Colorado Collection Agency Board Rules state:

Rule 2.11 Office Location

  • A collection agency may share an office location with another business as long as all signs, directories, and other business identification clearly contain the collection agency's name.

For the complete Colorado Collection Agency Board Rules click here

For the complete State of Colorado Collection Agency Licensing Instructions & Application click here


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Gallup Communications agrees to hold your company harmless for any violations of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act committed by any employee or representative of Gallup Communications.

Please use "Gregory A. Vosseteig P.C." when completing the Registered Agent application with the Colorado Secretary of State, should you utilize this free added service that we offer.

Gallup Communications is owned by Gregory A Vosseteig P.C. and is listed with the State of Colorado as a corporation. As such, your tax records should use the Tax I.D. # 84-1453399.

You should instruct your debtors that communications and payments should be made directly to your headquarters, and that telephone contact should be conducted via your toll-free number. However, should you find it beneficial to add our address, voice and fax numbers to your company letterhead as your local Colorado branch office, please feel free to do so.

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