Attention out-of-state collection agencies!

You do not need an expensive office to collect in Colorado! Share our office instead!

If your out-of-state collection company is interested in soliciting clients in Colorado, you must be licensed in Colorado, and you must also have a Colorado Office. That's where Gallup Communications can help you. We are a small business in Colorado that can provide you with a simple, reliable and inexpensive way to satisfy the requirements set forth by the Colorado Collection Agency Board. We will "share" our office with you at an extremely reasonable cost, especially compared to having your own working office with collectors, solicitors, managers and overhead. Since we intend to only supplement our primary business with representation of out-of-state collection agencies, we are able to keep our rates very low.

Our primary business is NOT in collections, and we are not attorneys. For these reasons, Gallup Communications poses no competition to your collections business in Colorado. Gallup Communications has been representing out-of-state collections agencies in this manner since 1994.


    • inexpensive and cost-effective
    • over 27 years experience
    • non-competing business
    • listed with the Colorado Collection Agency Board for office sharing
    • Gregory A Vosseteig P.C. (DBA: Gallup Communications) is a business in good standing with the state of Colorado
    • fees include being your Registered Agent at no additional charge
    • fast and easy sign-up

Please note on the Colorado Secretary of State website, Gregory A Vosseteig P.C. is a corporation in good standing. To see this report click here

Calling the Colorado Collection Agency Board will also confirm our status with that office as being listed for Office Sharing Arrangements. (720) 508-6020


We allow your company to collect in Colorado by helping you satisfy the requirements set forth by the Colorado Collection Agency Board for agencies outside of Colorado.

We act as a local clearinghouse for telephone calls, letter correspondence and payments, in the unlikely event that someone wishes to appear in person to make a payment. We forward all mail and payments from debtors received by our office to you and we direct all incoming calls from debtors to your own telephone number.

We can also provide your firm with complete on-line electronic communications capabilities. We can link to your computer via the Internet to provide fast, real-time communications. These services may be particularly useful in the unlikely event of a state audit.

As part of the fee, we will also become your Registered Agent in the state of Colorado, should you also be in need of this service.

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